Current Graduate Students

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of fantastic students at UMBC. I have listed the graduate students I am currently advising, along with their research topics.  See my CV for a full list of all the students I have worked with at UMBC.

Current Post Doctoral Researcher
Foad Hamidi (Adaptive User Interfaces / Making  with Diverse Populations)

Current Human-Centered Computing PhD Students
Patrick Carrington (Chairable Computing: Technology for Wheelchair Users)
Erin Buehler (3D Printing in Special Education)
Germaine Irwin (Home Energy Use)
William Easley (3D Printing in Education)

Graduated PhD Students and Former Postdoctoral Researchers
Aqueasha Martin-Hammond (Adaptive User Interfaces)
Michele Williams 2016 (Answering Subjective Visual Questions and Blind Navigation)