Current Graduate Students

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of fantastic students at UMBC. I have listed the graduate students I am currently advising, along with their research topics.¬† See my CV for a full list of all the students I have worked with at UMBC.

Current Post Doctoral Researcher
Foad Hamidi (Adaptive User Interfaces / Making  with Diverse Populations)

Current Human-Centered Computing PhD Students
William Easley (Collaboration between Youth Working in a 3D Printshop)

Graduated PhD Students and Former Postdoctoral Researchers
Aqueasha Martin-Hammond (Adaptive User Interfaces)
Michele Williams 2016 (Answering Subjective Visual Questions and Blind Navigation)
Patrick Carrington 2017 (Chairable Computing: Technology for Wheelchair Users)
Erin Buehler 2018 (3D Printing in Special Education)