Graduate Students and Post Docs

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of fantastic students. I have listed the graduate students I am currently advising, along with their research topics.  See my CV for a full list of all the students I have worked with.

Current PhD Students
Claire Kearney-Volpe, Web Development Training for Students That Are Blind, NYU Rehabilitation Science

Former Postdoctoral Researchers
Foad Hamidi, Adaptive User Interfaces and Making with Diverse Populations, UMBC
Aqueasha Martin-Hammond, Adaptive User Interfaces, UMBC

Graduated PhD Students
William Easley, 2020, Thesis: Understanding and Supporting Collaboration Between Youth in Technical Workplaces, UMBC HCC
Erin Buehler, 2018, Thesis: 3D Printing in Special Education, UMBC HCC
Patrick Carrington, 2017, Thesis: Chairable Computing: Technology for Wheelchair Users, UMBC HCC
Michele Williams, 2016, Thesis: Answering Subjective Visual Questions and Blind Navigation, UMBC HCC. (consulting)

Graduated MS Thesis Students
Grant Travis Ng, 2020, Personify: An Individualized Experience for Dental Patients that Feel Anxiet, NYU IDM
Verónica Alfaro, 2020, From Needs to Customized Assistive Technologies, NYU ITP
Lauren Race, 2019, Tactile Schematics, NYU ITP
Kellie Poneres, 2018, Exploring Older Adults' Attitudes Towards Privacy of Adaptive Assistive Technologies, UMBC HCC