Research Interests

I develop technology that is rooted in real world problems and is constrained by pre-existing human behaviors. My research goal is to develop technology that automatically adapts to existing human behaviors based on unobtrusive detection of human actions. My approach includes using qualitative research methods to analyze a current environment, design and build technology that fits within the constraints of that environment, and finally evaluate this technology in the real world with target users. This work sits at the intersection of assistive technology, context aware computing, and interaction design.

I am passionate about solving current social problems with technology. My dissertation focused on improving computer access for individuals with disabilities and the elderly by studying their pointing ability. Specifically, I developed tools to automatically assess their pointing use during everyday computer tasks. Improving computer access for these individuals is important because it can provide them with many new professional, social, and education opportunities.

Since Joining UMBC, I have started researching Do It Yourself (DIY) Assistive Technology opportunities and how we can empower people to build accessibility and assistive technology solutions that meet their needs.